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Super Premium dog food

The Premium dog food recipes are all well-tested natural foods that offer both great value and excellent nutrition for dogs of all ages, from puppy to senior.

Premium Dog Food
Natural dog food

This natural dog food offers carefully balanced nutrition with added fresh meat and pre-biotics, fiting well with an overall holistic approach to health and nutrition.

Naturals Dog Food
Grain Free dog food

The Grain Free dog food recipes offer a complete alternative - no grains or cereals and 50% meat content, yet still offering a very affordable pet food.

Grain Free Dog Food

Working dog food

The Working Dog range of natural recipes are suitable for all active breeds and are VAT Free, which saves you money!

The range comprises natural foods chosen from our other ranges, but packed in plain bags and offered at a considerable saving per kg.

Do check out the recipes, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Working Dog Food

Puppy Care

Puppies require about two and half times as many calories per kilogram bodyweight as an adult dog while they are growing

Food for this age group should be higher in calories, protein and other key nutrients. Although many nutrients are needed in higher quantities, some nutrients may need to be adjusted in other ways. For instance, large breed puppies are susceptible to bone problems and if too many calories and calcium are given...

More about feeding puppies

Dogs and Exercise

All dogs need exercise to remain healthy and in good condition. A dog lacking exercise can become bored and frustrated.

This can have serious implications often leading to behavioural problems.

How much exercise your dog needs depends more on age and breed than anything else. It is not the rule that the larger the dog the more exercise required. The best way to find out how much and what type of exercise ...

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Taking a holistic view of pet care and nutrition

feeding a healthy dietWe want our pets to enjoy a full and healthy life as they share our family space, and yet we know from the statistics that so many cats and dogs are less than 100% in terms of good health and vitality.

Good  nutrition is essential for a healthy pet, as is sufficient excercise and a loving home environment. It's part of a holistic approach to health and nutrition which has a really positive effect on your pet's wellbeing.

Many pet owners overfeed, and that's one reason why we have so many overweight dogs and cats. We love our food, and we assume (incorrectly) that our pets need not only their own food but quite a lot of ours as well!

Most commercial pet foods call themselves 'Complete' and even a cheap complete dogfood will enssure that your pet gets the basic minimum nutrition required.

However, 'Complete' does not mean natural, and over a period of time some pets exhibit intolerance to ingredients, particularly wheat, soya or dairy products used in cheaper brands - symptoms such as itching, scratching, discolouration of coat, digestive upsets, behavioural problems etc.

The best Premium dog food, containing natural ingredients and naturally preserved can help to maintain excellent health and vitality, and not be too expensive as you actually feed less per day, because of the higher digestibility.

If in doubt then ask your veterinary surgeon for advice, but at the very least look at what you are feeding!

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What we offer

- No wheat, soya or dairy
- No colours or artificial preservatives
- Natural recipes
- Maintains excellent health
- For cats and dogs  of all ages
- Great range
- UK manufacture
- Discount on quantity
- Good customer service
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